Friday, March 15, 2013

Teachers Pay Teachers... my new obsession!

About a year ago, I discovered a little gem on the internet that has totally revolutionized the way I present lessons to my students.  Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is gold mine for teachers like me who are tired of photocopying the same old, boring lessons and worksheets.  On this website, teachers are able to create fun, creative, and useful lesson plans that can be purchased for a small amount (most of the units I've bought have been between $3.00-8.00).  Once you find a "Teacher Author" that you like, you can start following them on TPT, so you can be alerted when they have a new lesson or activity for sale.  Every once in a while, you can find some great freebies on there, too! 

I am very excited to begin my own TPT adventure as a seller.  I have been working on a lot of fun units and am hoping to launch my own store on TPT in the beginning of April (I'll be off for Spring Break, so I'm hoping I can use some of my extra time to get things finalized).  I've got a great freebie for weekly spelling practice coming soon, too!  Stay tuned!

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