Monday, May 20, 2013

Second Grade Memories - A Layered Flip Book

I thought I'd share another crafty idea with you while we're all in end-of-the-year project mode!  Layered flip books are another one of my favorite little projects to make for Open House.  They're easy to make and fun to read!  The key is making each page one inch longer than the previous page, so that the finished product looks like this:

I used to make these all the time, but the tricky part was cutting the pages to fit!  I love the look of the rainbow colored flip book (on the right), but the one with titles (bottom right) is also a lot of fun!  My students are working on these layered books right now.  I've already copied and cut the pages, and I've been handing out only one page at a time.  We take time to brainstorm ideas for each page, and I usually write a few examples on the board before I let them go at it on their own.  My students have been keeping their completed pages in their class work folder (in their desk), to work on them when they have extra time.  When we've completed all the pages, I will show them how to assemble them in order, and then whip around the room with my handy stapler and voila!  A lovely memory book for the end of the school year! 

To make things easier for you, I've created a ready made memory flip book for Second Grade here (this unit also includes a traditional, full-size memory book template).  I've also created one for First Grade, which you can grab here, as well as  a traditional, full sized memory book for First Grade here, if you want something simple!

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