Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting ready for the first day of school!

After a wonderfully relaxing, fun summer... I'm gearing myself up for yet another school year!  This will be my 12th year at my school site, and my 14th year in the district.  I can't believe how fast time flies!

My first official day back at work was yesterday, so I tried REALLY HARD to prioritize everything that needed to be done so I can make sure I'm ready to go by Tuesday.  I was so happy to walk into my classroom to find that the HUGE Office Depot order I submitted before going on summer break had been delivered!  *YAY*
It feels like Christmas!  I could just marvel at these goodies all day.  I heart school supplies!
After sorting through my "goodie boxes", I decided to tackle my desks.  They were arranged in rows, but I always like to have them in groups of 4, so I got to work arranging them the way I like.  From there, I tackled the clutter and the piles and after a few hours, my room was presentable again!

Check out my progress here:

After I got my room ready, I decided to sit down and get some planning done.  I got all my first week plans typed up, Back to School Powerpoint and parent hand-outs made, and first week copies all printed and waiting in my copy basket.

I always like to have my first day plans printed out in detail, so I can make sure I don't forget anything!  You can take a peek at my own first week plans here:

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